RawTherapee is a free, cross-platform raw image processing program

Download RawTherapee version 5.7 released on September 10, 2019. (Release notes)

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RawTherapee is a powerful, cross-platform raw photo processing system, released as Free Software (GPLv3). It is designed for developing raw files from a broad range of digital cameras and targeted at users ranging from enthusiast newcomers who wish to broaden their understanding of how digital imaging works to professional photographers.

RawTherapee provides a powerful suite of tools for you to produce amazing photos and showcase your creativity.

RawTherapee benefits users who take the time to learn what it can do. Luckily the community is quite welcoming and helpful! Check out the Forum, read up on RawPedia, and ask questions - there's always something neat to learn! :)

High Image Quality

Non-destructive, 32-bit (floating point) processing engine, modern demosaicing algorithms, and advanced color+detail editing bring you the best tools to develop images of the highest quality from your raw files (including High Dynamic Range DNG).

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Outstanding Raw Support

RawTherapee gives you best-in-class demosaicing, including using two demosaicing algorithms on the same image, compositing pixel-shift raw files with automatic ghost masking, working with multiple-frame raw files, dark frame subtraction, flat field correction, and hot/dead pixel correction!

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Freedom for Free

RawTherapee is Free and Open Source software. This means you can use it free of charge, wherever you like and however you like as long as you abide by the copyleft GPLv3 license. Download the source code, modify it, and help improve it! We believe in Free Software.

It is cross-platform - you can use it on Linux, macOS, or Microsoft Windows. It is also international and available in over 15 languages!

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Latest News

macOS Build Ready

A RawTherapee 5.7 build for macOS is now available for download. Caveat: In the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina Developer Beta 8, file access is restricted to ~ and ~/Pictures. sha256sum: 70f7b7fec75f2799d80b2f960cf98815d5a5b199342d993a6019eeb153332c3d RawTherapee_OSX_10.9_64_5.7.zip

Repackaged Windows Build

Please download the Windows 5.7 build again, and re-install it. The original Windows build of RawTherapee 5.7 contained an error in the way it was compiled and packaged, causing it to behave the way our development builds behave - the default installation folder was of the development build form, and it looked for settings in the location where a development build would store them. The error was corrected, and the build has now been replaced with a new one which behaves the way a stable release should behave.
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We Have a New Website!

We have a new website! Thank you very much Pat David and Mica!

New RawTherapee 5.4 AppImage

Linux users whose distributions do not ship RawTherapee 5.4 can now enjoy our latest stable release by getting the RawTherapee 5.4 AppImage from our Downloads page. An AppImage is a single file which contains all the components necessary to run a program in any Linux distribution. As some distributions provide old versions of certain programs, the AppImage is a great solution for letting users of those systems run the latest version of a given program.
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Support Freedom, Donate a Kidney!

You can help not only RawTherapee, but the open-source photographic community as a whole, and it won’t cost you a dime nor a kidney. You don’t even need to know how to code. Here’s how. RawTherapee is open-source software, which means we value liberty, and it’s thanks to this principle of liberty that our project exists. We are not alone. There are other libre projects out there, related to photography and imaging, and we are friends, and we share our skills for mutual benefit.
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