RawTherapee.com v3 - The New Homepage!

Welcome to the new homepage of RawTherapee!

Rawtherapee.com has evolved from a few simple pages through a basic dynamic site to the current, advanced homepage. This new site was carefully planned and designed to be a real home of RawTherapee.

RawTherapee.com v2 RawTherapee.com v2 RawTherapee.com v3

Versions of the homepage from the beginning

Most of the changes are under the hood, but you may have already noticed the blog and hopefully will soon discover the new, powerful download center as well.
The new site provides a much more efficient environment for multiple administrators. It helps the OSMC to inform you better and to provide regular updates and downloads.

The previous articles are all transfered to our new database, but there are many contents to be uploaded and many small glitches to be ironed out (the site is a ‘public beta’).
If you find a bug or have a good idea, please post it in the issue tracker with the label ‘Website’. Please feel free to join the discussion about the new homepage in the appropriate forum topic. All the feedbacks are highly appreciated.

I’m honored to be the designer and creator of the new site. More than 22.000 lines of code work as the heart of the custom content management system which is a robust, high performance, flexible and extensible framework for our future plans. I’m grateful to all who helped me with advices, especially to DrSlony, Hombre and paul.matthijsse.

The journey is just about to start. Welcome to the new homepage!