Feature Freeze - 3.0 branch

We are happy to announce the feature freeze of RawTherapee 3.0!

A feature freeze is a point in the development process when no more new features are accepted for the current branch. In accordance with the RT 3.0 Roadmap the project arrived to this point.


We would like to call the attention - especially of the developers - to the changes in the source tree:

  • ‘3.0_branch’ is the new branch for the upcoming stable release; accepts only bug fixes and GUI enhancements. Please do not push new features here!
  • ‘default’ is the continuation of the main branch; new features can be pushed here, although the efforts should be focused on the bugfixes now.

The fixes from the 3.0_branch will be introduced later to the default branch, but noone is restricted in any way to do it regularly and/or per wish.


Everyone is invited to test and report bugs, please check the list of known issues. The latest builds are available from the /releases_head directory as always (will be updated with the current 3.0_branch very soon):


Please note that these are alpha builds! Use them on your own risk.

Have fun with testing and bug hunting - help us to release the stable version as soon as possible!